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Maker Chef is the first Technical Internship delieverd by Fab Lab Egypt to find the MAKERs of tomorrow. Maker Chef is six weeks of intensive training, challenges and fun activities. WE are looking for the makers of tomorrow, and YOU will work your best to be a fit for our TechTeam. In Maker Chef, all the interns will rush to pass different milestones, we will keep testing and shortlisting all the interns till we find the true Maker Chef!



"WE ARE ALL MAKERS" That's our slogan, and yes you are a maker too, but we are looking for a special rank of makers, the one that can just fit in the TechTeam of Fab Lab Egypt. We are looking for two sets of makers; Hackers and Educators . If you want to be a Hacker then you sould be a problem solver with some skills in CAD, Electronics and Programming. While an Educator must have a deep understanding for abstractive concepts, with a cutting-edge presentation and communication skills. In the Maker Chef, you'll pass by different milestones to sharpen your skills and test your limits.



The Registration Process consists of 4 steps:


Where you'll fill-in your personal info.


Where you choose which track you want to join; Educators or Hackers.


Where you're asked to submit a video/text documentation for a project or a tutorial.


Feel free to tell us more about you, we are all ears. This step is optional.

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